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What began as a miniscule aspiration has now come to fruition. I have created this website specifically for me to obtain my goals and set forth on a path toward enlightenment through writing.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, but never something I thought I’d pursue on a more public level. When I write it is straight from the soul. Sometimes there are some dark verses and other times just a bunch of opinionated jargon, but all heart no bullshit.

Either way, I am here today to share my experiences, my wisdom; to be a martyr for all those who have endless thoughts floating through their minds. Those thoughts which we take for granted and sometimes can never express.

Look forward to sharing my world with you all!



All my life I have played instruments and I always found solace in music. The artist whose lyrics and music inspired me to become a songwriter was, and still is, Billy Corgan. I sat and listened to his music and it seemed he knew exactly how I felt and what was on my mind; things I could not verbally express. Since then, I wanted to write songs to help others express emotions they otherwise could not. My musicĀ is a combination of simple rhythm and meaningful lyrics and if my words can reach even one person, my job is done.

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